Together let's recreate peace 

One thought... One word... One gesture at a time 

Millions of times !!! 


10 000$

2 505 $

Participate in the largest collaborative virtual gathering : GIVE ONE PEACE OF LOVE

All great change starts with a vision and is powered by actions

I don't know about you, him, her, them but I need to see more peace in the world! Not only because of this terrible war that has been raging for several months now but also with this endless pandemic which has been going on for almost three years and has left us with a heavy burden to bear.  

Now it's high time for us to stop our wars of opinion and remember that together we are stronger and we can make a difference! So, as Gandhi said "Let us embody the changes we wish to see in the world".  So, as Gandhi said "Let's be the change we wish to see in the world".

GIVE ONE PEACE OF LOVE, Great collaborative virtual gathering

Created, not only to give the world hope for a better future... but above all, to invite the citizens of the world to come together - strong in our differences - to create it TOGETHER!

The international vision of this unifying project aims to inspire the world:

Peace starts within each of us

GIVE ONE PEACE OF LOVE believes that peace begins first within each and every one of us and invites individuals, businesses and major cities around the world to create a peace of love in this large virtual mosaic for the benefit of a single great cause: Peace in the world... in OUR world!

All funds raised with Pieces of Peace are given in the form of donations to the following 3 international organizations, which work for peace in a global way all over the world:

Until September 30, 2023, make yourself known, seen, heard by putting your gifts, your talents, your passion and your creativity at the service of a better world!

Yes, TOGETHER, let's recreate peace, one thought, one word, one gesture at a time, millions of times!

Together Let's recreate Peace

GIVE ONE PEACE OF LOVE invites individuals, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses and major cities around the world to participate in this collaboration and create a peace of love!

All participants will make, in their name, a donation to one of the following 3 international organizations that work for peace in a global way all over the world: